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Name:Jason Teague
Birthdate:Oct 21
Jason Teague
Fandom: Smallville
Age: 22
Hair: Dark blonde
Eyes: Green
Genevieve Teague (Mother)
Edward Teague (Father)

Little Facts: (Specific to this mun) Jason didn’t want to be a lawyer at his dad’s firm because he wanted to go into Sports Medicine. He loves Football and wants to stick with it in anyway he can. He also wears contacts and glasses, but not many know this. He’s got an associates and his bachelor’s in Science of Sports Medicine. Currently he's looking to get his Masters.

Personality: Jason is pretty upbeat and really tries to make something of himself. He is also trying really hard to escape the social nuances of the social elite like his parents. After growing up with kids like Lex Luthor and Oliver Queen, he is quick to defy his father and get some freedom. He’s a proud guy, but not so much that he doesn’t know when to bend. His biggest pet peeve is having to be ashamed of himself and hide. Jason hates lying. He wants to be honest because all his parents do is lie. Unfortunately, his mother’s attachment to him often destroys this resolve. Even Lionel says that the relationship could be seen as border line Oedipal.

Biography (Canon)
Jason was cut off by his father when he refused to join the family law firm and become a lawyer. Instead he set off to get a different education by getting a scholarship at Met U for his amazing abilities in football. Unfortunately he tore his rotator cuff and ended up losing his chances to play ball and his place at Met U. Either way, he is determined to get away from that upper society of his parents.

After letting his mom convince him to go to Paris, he ends up running into Lana and they start a summer romance. When she leaves unexpectedly, he follows her back to Kansas and enrolls in Kansas A&M to stay near her. Then he gets a job as the Assistant coach for the Smallville football team. Sadly, Lex ratted their relationship out to the administration taking away Jason’s source of income.

In an attempt to make money so he can stay in school and with Lana, he ends up working for Lex trying to find the stones of power. In the end, his mother gets back into his life and uses his relationship with Lana to get him to help her. By the end of it, he dies when the meteor hits the Kent’s house where he is holding them hostage.

But no body was found...

Night and Day
Jason goes to Paris, but before he can run into Lana, he ends up mowing Bruce Wayne down first. Because they were friends before as children when his dad worked for Wayne Enterprises, Jason was often there as a child. He was a bit klutzy and tended to drive the servants crazy, but the two were good friends. So when Bruce resurfaces from the long standing disappearance, Jason is just happy to see him. Where it goes from there… is up to them to decide.

Notes and Links
This is a journal for roleplaying purposes. Mun and character are over 18. I do not own Jensen Ackles or anything pertaining to Smallville.
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